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Hurricane Katrina

hurricane Katrina

Many of us can remember very well the day that Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, leaving in its wake a lot of destruction and death. Many people tend to focus on the financial impact of Hurricane Katrina, which is quite significant and continues to be a problem down to this day. The unfortunate reality of natural disasters such as this, however, is that it also leaves an emotional and human impact that is often either hidden below the surface or is difficult for individuals who are not in the situation to get a grasp on.

Perhaps one of the first effects of the hurricane that really affected individuals on a personal basis is the fact that many of them were displaced. Some of the displacement occurred from the very start, people leaving their homes and at times, some of their extended family in order to evacuate the area ahead of the coming storm. Other people, however, have been displaced because of their homes being destroyed and even though they decided to stay in the area throughout the storm, eventually the circumstances drove them away. The emotional impact of being torn away from your family and surroundings can be quite significant. Many people are having difficulty coming to grips with this, especially considering that a large majority were unable to come back into the area in the same manner.

Another problem that occurred as a result of hurricane Katrina is a lot of disease. This is not as big of an issue as it was at first, but it is still an issue, nonetheless. Individuals who were left in the wake of the hurricane and remained in their homes soon were faced with a number of different health problems, such as dehydration, a lack of adequate food, and sub-par living conditions that led to dangerously unsafe hygiene. Some did not realize the numerous negative effects a lack of hygiene can have on your body, such as problems with ovulation and pregnancy, STDs, infections, lice, oral cavities, and psychological issues, just to mention a few. This was even more of a problem, due to the fact that the response was rather slow and that adequate help did not get into the area for quite some time after the hurricane occurred.

Some of the emotional impact of the hurricane also came in the form of financial problems. These are not problems that occurred on a grand scale, such as what the city or state had to absorb but it was personal financial problems, maybe because of being out of house or work for a lengthy amount of time. These are also some things that people tend to deal with down to this day, especially considering the fact that the economic environment has not made it easy for many of these displaced individuals to find adequate work.

It always helps to consider the emotional and human standpoint along with any of the financial problems that occur whenever these natural disasters take place. Although it is difficult to really put yourself in the situation accurately, it is important for you to continue to remember these individuals. Eventually, the waters will settle and many of the problems that took place as a result of Hurricane Katrina will be a distant memory for everyone involved.

The personal tragedies which we see in events such as Katrina put life in perspective and make us think that instead of spending our money on frivolous materialistic products, we should be investing in something more valuable.